Promotion Letter Format


J & S Auto Supply and Services


Mr. Edward Go

Marketing Assistant

Dear Mr. Go,

It is a great honor and pride to inform you of your promotion as a new marketing head in replacement of your old position as marketing assistant effective today, February 9, 2011.

In review with your performance appraisal and recommendations coming from your immediate superiors, you really deserve to be part of marketing head.  Your perseverance and devotion to your work showed a great success to the company that resulted to exceed target sales for the year 2010.  You work exemplary that contributed a lot on the benefits of the company.

And in gratitude to your outstanding performance, you deserve to be promoted as marketing head.  Therefore, we salute you and congratulate you again for good work and best performance.

We wish you all the luck in performing for your new position and we look forward to your great success for this year and for the coming years to come.


Andrew Que

Human Resource Manager

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