Promotion Appreciation Letter


Martha Hemingway

Head, HR department

Nathan and Daniels Corporation

A-23, first floor, Red Street


Date: 1st June 2012

Subject: appreciation for the recent promotion

Respected Miss. Hemingway

I, John Nash am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation towards you for my recent promotion from the position of a consultant to that of the senior financial consultant. Ma’am I am extremely happy with this new position and wish to thank you for considering me able and qualified enough to work as a senior financial consultant in this prestigious company. A promotion is what every employee craves for and once promoted, he/she definitely is encouraged and motivated to perform better each day. I assure you that you have made the right decision and that I would not let you down in any way.

The position of senior financial consultant is extremely suited for the kind of qualifications I possess and the amount of experience I carry with me. I did find it a little difficult to cope with the duties in the first week after the promotion but I am beginning to like it a lot. I wish to thank you once again.

Yours faithfully

John Nash

Senior financial consultant

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