Professional Recommendation Letter From Manager


Ryan Collins

CEO, Red River Enterprises


October 8, 2012

Subject: Recommendation letter for Mr. Brian Jennings

Dear Mr. Collins,

I have known Mr. Brian Jennings since the last three years that he has been working with us as Senior Accountant in our company Brick Road Co located at Edinburgh. I would like to mention that Mr. Jennings is a very hardworking, efficient and positive person who will surely contribute immensely to your organization. I have been consistently impressed by his performance and general attitude towards other staff members or his work. His cheerful personality and drive to do something reflects on his performance and he has the ability to energize those around him too. He is team player and at the same time also displays excellent leadership qualities. I am also very impressed by his interpersonal and communication skills which he uses to develop and sustain productive relationships with clients.

He is very analytical, organized and has an eye for detail and he knows how to remain calm especially during the frenzy of tax season when there is a lot of work load. I recommend him for employment and you can contact me if you need any further information about Mr. Jennings.

Yours truly,

Roger Williams

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