Professional Letter For Two Week Notice


John Hudson

Managing Director,

Green Leaf Enterprises,


October 8, 2012

Subject: Resignation letter and notice

Dear Mr. Hudson,

I hereby formally announce my resignation from the company Green Leaf Enterprises effective two weeks from now, that is, my last day of work will be October 22, 2012. Keeping with the rules and regulations of the office, I am giving a two weeks’ notice to the company and will also follow any other terms related to resignation.

It has been a wonderful journey of three years where I have met people who have inspired me and from whom I have learnt a lot which will help me in my career. I am also indebted to you for your guidance and encouragement which made me more focused and efficient. I hope I was able to contribute towards the organization and I thank you for the opportunities that you have provided me.

I will be available during these two weeks and will finish my project by then. I am also ready to train my juniors on the kind of work I did so that you have someone to take over the responsibilities. I will be available on phone or email if you have any questions.

Yours truly,

Dorothy Ackles

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