Professional Letter For Leave


Gary Osborne


Copperstone Industries,


October 8, 2012

Subject: Request for Leave

Dear Mr. Osborne,

Please grant me leave from October 10, 2012 to October 30, 2012 as my mother is not well and she is going to have heart surgery. I understand that there are many responsibilities here and I am making this request at short notice, but my mother lives alone and I do not have any other siblings who can take care of her. This is why I have to be at home to take care of her before and after the surgery so that she can recover.

Before I leave, I will explain the work to my colleague who will take over the work while I am gone. I will be available on phone and you can also contact me at my email address if there are any questions regarding the work. Right now I want leave for 20 days and hopefully my mother will be better by then. In case I need to extend the leave owing to unforeseen circumstances, I will contact you again. Once I am back, I assure you that the project will be finished on time. I will be very grateful if you accept my request.

Yours truly,

Jensen Harris

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