Professional Invitation Letter

Mr. Edward Boyle


Selfless Volunteers Club


August 2, 2010

Mr. Colin Scott


London University

Dear Mr. Scott:

Warm greetings!

I represent Selfless Volunteers Club, an organization of teenagers and young adults hoping to share their skills and talents to help needy children grow into responsible and morally-upright individuals.  Our group began with twenty volunteers in the year 2000, and now we have more than a thousand volunteers who spend a few hours of their time each week working with children.

We receive numerous walk-in volunteers each month, but we have expanded our horizon by introducing our group to students.  This year, we have started orienting students about our organization through the support of school owners, teachers, and parents.

In this regard, we are inviting your school to become part of this program.  Through this partnership, we would be able to give our services to more needy children.

Thank you.  We hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Boyle

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