Professional Follow Up Letter


Daniel Parry

Quality Control Manager

McGrath Glass Limited

Bristol, Central London


12th June 2012

Subject: Follow up to the professional letter that was sent by me on 29th may 2012

Respected Sir

I would like to remind you that I was being asked by your esteemed McGrath Glass Limited Company, to carry out a detailed report about the potential ways to reduce the power consumption of the entire plant in order to boost profits by the way of savings in the annual electricity bill. I have sent you my detailed report in a letter sent to your organization on 29 May 2012.

I would like to know the extent up to which my suggestions are being implemented as of till now and the projected savings in the annual electricity bill anticipated. I would further like to add that you should create awareness about the issue among your employees so that they use the electrical equipments only when it is necessary. The managerial level staff should be encouraged to use the air conditioner only when the ambient temperature is high.

Looking for a response from your side regarding the savings accumulated as a result of implementation of the power saving measures soon.

Yours’ sincerely

Dr David Shepherd

33, Skylark Consultancy Limited

Birmingham , London


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