Professional Donation Letter

Ms. Jane Gillies


GreatWorks, Inc.

London, E6 5RA

December 1, 2010

Dr. Pamela Hartley


London Hospital

Dear Dr. Hartley,

Good day!

I write to you in behalf of GreatWorks, Inc., an international clothing company who recently opened a branch in town.  Our company is known not only for its excellent products but also for its consistent support to well-meaning causes.  We believe that high-quality products and corporate social responsibility are the two important principles that businesses should adhere to.  These have contributed to our success in the clothing business.

This year, we have decided to donate an amount of ₤100,000 for the cancer ward of your hospital for our annual Christmas charity work in your town.  We know that you are in great need of equipment and facility improvement for this ward.  We hope that our donation would help you serve cancer patients better.

May this simple gesture make Christmas more joyful for you and your cancer patients.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Gillies

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