Professional Complaint Letter

Tim Goodfellow

Swinton, Manchester

Greater Manchester, M28 5NZ

August 19, 2010

Ms. Susan Trainor


ABC Appliances, Inc

Dear Ms. Trainor:

I am Tim Goodfellow, a regular customer of yours who purchased a new Eazy refrigerator from your company a month ago.  I learned about your product through your television advertisement and was enticed to buy due to the appealing features of the Eazy Oven.  The features include a no-peel, no-scratch paint, aside from having energy-saving features.

Sadly, the oven that was delivered to me has not lived up to the features stated above.  After less than a month of use, the paint already has scratches.  Aside from this, my electricity bill sky-rocketed when I began using the refrigerator and I am sure that there have been no other significant increase in my electricity consumption to warrant this aside from the new refrigerator.

I hope your company looks into the matter immediately and have the unit be replaced as per the five-year warranty.


Tim Goodfellow

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