Professional Business Letter


Mr Stephenson,

Marketing manager,

Sterling Mall,



Ms Kristen,

Junior marketing manager,

Sterling Mall,


Dear Ms Kristen,

I, Mr Stephenson, marketing manager of Sterling Mall, am required to draft this letter to bring some urgent issues to surface. In order to accomplish certain new projects, the priorities of the assignments which we had to undertake during the period of this month have been rescheduled and hence this letter serves as the intimation to direct your actions in an according manner to suit the changes in the scheduling of the projects.

Certain projects have to be accomplished prior to the deadline which has been devised for them and it is for this reason that these projects have to be taken in hand at the earliest. The projects currently in hand can be relaxed for some time. The scheduling of the new deadlines for the projects has been enclosed along with this letter. I am hopeful that you will be able to deliver what is expected by the management.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Stephenson


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