Professional Appeal Letter


Mrs Draco,

Managing Director,

Sea View Hotel,



All the working staff,

Sea View Hotel,


Dear fellow Sea View Hotel staff,

This letter has been drafted to put forward an appeal to all of you on behalf of the entire managing staff of Sea View Hotel. There have been a lots of complain in the recent times. These complaints are regarding the behaviour of the staff and the development of the ambience. The management of the hotel has been aware of the added pressure from the increasing endeavour. However, the venting from this situation is not behaving in this.

The management of the hotel, hereby, appeals to the entire staff to behave in the way which is rational and desirable for all the patrons which attend the services of this hotel. The behaviour shall be watched over and a vigilant panel has been set to make this happen. Any lapse henceforth shall be treated with the necessary consequence. We are hoping for a favourable response from our staff and are indeed affirmative,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Draco

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