Product Marketing Letter

Dear Consumers,

The bundle of joy that it brings to you every time you use our brands, The Johnson Way brand.  This is also a bundle of joy for us, since we believe that each product that we have is truly for the benefit of the consumers.  Now, as you can see, we have lots of products that we offer, since you, us our consumers keep on buying our products.  And for that reason, we assure as well to give enough satisfaction to our customers, and still continue to produce more products as possible to provide the necessity of the many.

Let us continue to serve you by giving you the most outstanding kind of product that you use in your everyday lives, from your coffee that you use in the morning from your milk that you drink in the evening and for so many other products that we produced.

It is uplifting that you our valued consumers value our brand, and at the same way we also value your loyalty to us.   You can assure that we continue to bring goodness and health to you as you use our brand in your everyday lives.

Yours truly,

Mr. Juliet Stephenson

Marketing Supervisor

Johnson Way Inc.

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