Product Complaint Letter


Mr. Alison Clough,

Manager – Product after sales division,

Simpson Electronics

#14, Yarm, Cleveland,


TS15 E40

1st June 2011

Subject: Complaint regarding defective product.

Dear Mr. Alison,

I am a faithful customer of your company since many years. Recently I purchased a washing machine and received the delivery of the product day before yesterday. The technician came and installed the product and showed us the demo to us. But unfortunately since yesterday it has stopped working. The technician who came from your company says that the circuit is not covered in warranty and I need to pay for getting it replaced.

I do not agree with this as it is the responsibility of the company to give me a defect free product. Now it is for you to take a decision as to give me a replacement of the product or refund my money back to me.

I look forward to hear positively from your end.

Yours truly,


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