Poor Performance Warning Letter


Mr. Laurence Swern,

Senior Java Developer

36 Ecleston Square, London

31st August 2013

Sub: Poor performance warning letter

Dear Laurence,

In our annual review it has come to light that you performance has been quite poor. This is the second project in which you have received a rating of 2 out of 5. After thorough analysis we have noticed that you have contributed even lesser than your juniors in the FORD project. This really puts the company in an embarrassing position as it gets difficult to convince more promising juniors awaiting promotions to work under you.

The entire hierarchy of work flow has been affected and this has also affected the quality of the system code written for the project. The team’s morale and overall efficiency suffers drastically because of your inability to perform in time pressure situations. It goes without saying that you are receiving no salary hike this year, and will be kept under close watch for one more project. If you performance continues to decline like this, we will be forced to take serious action ranging from putting you in lesser important projects to your permanent suspension from the company.


Mr. Cyril Torrens

Senior Manager

Educhase Bank

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