Policy Cancellation Letter


Mr Crop,

Bank manager,

ICUC Bank,



Ms Isabella,

E-8, Blithering Boulevard,


Dear Ms Isabella,

I, Mr Crop, bank manager for Glasgow branch of ICUC bank, am writing this letter to inform you about the cancellation of the fixed deposit policy which you have opted for investing. The fixed deposit policy no 45H3D89 has been marked for cancellation because of insufficient documentation from the owner of the policy holder. The bank has informed you about this context of cancellation in the last communication and since required action was not taken by you in the concerned time period, the bank authorities were forced to bring in the cancellation of the fixed deposit policy mentioned above.

The amount which has been employed by you for the investment in the fixed deposit policy has been debited from the policy and been credited to the account in your name. We are hopeful that you would be fulfilling the necessary formalities while investing in any policy henceforth in the ICUC Bank.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Crop

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