Police Promotion Letter

National Police Office,

Armand Go,

Bridege Way,

Honorable Sir,

In high respect on you and your position, I Roland Gear, constable of 2 town police of Bridge Way asking for a request of promotion this 15th of May 2011, since there is a vacancy available in the slots of head inspector.  I believe that I am suitable to that position since I have a better experienced as assistant chief inspector and I have undergone training and seminars as well.  I know that I am eligible enough to carry the responsibilities that I am requesting for.

In lieu of my request, I have attached my copies of certificates and recognition for further reference.  Hence, I secured gold medal as well in my position as assistant chief inspector.  And I know that I can do better in my post if I will be given a chance to be a chief inspector in my unit.

Thank you for giving enough time to read my request and hope for better consideration on this.

Yours truly,

Roland Gear,

Batch no. 56,

Code 1218

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