Poetic Romantic Letter

Dear Jane

Your love, support and friendship has made my life beautiful. I wanted to express my love for you but couldn’t find the words that can express the deepness of my love.  All that I could write, while thinking about you is:

I came in this world alone,

I will go to my destiny alone,

But in the long run of my life,

I need someone to love.

You are,

Someone who may decorate my life,

Someone who may consoles my emotions,

Someone whom I can trust upon,

Some who is just mine.

Your silent thought brings great joy,

Your cheerful smile, gives me pleasure, like a child gets with his toy.

Your presence is like a fragrance, spread through my life.

Would you be my lawfully wedded wife?

So my dear love, please accept my offer and make my life beautiful with your presence forever.

Yours and only yours,

Mark Johnson

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