Personal Reference Letter


Mr Smith,

Society chairman,

Jason Height CHS


Society members

Dear people,

This letter has been drafted to put forward a certain reference for the construction work to be done on our building. The repair work to be done on the building is not a small work to be accomplished and the person to be given charge of the repair and the construction responsibility has to be a responsible one. There is a certain construction firm in my sight for the work to be done our building.

The name of the construction firm which is being referred on my side is KY Constructions ltd. The firm has undertaken the similar work of construction on the building which I have been residing in during the last few years. The work was completed in time and the work has been done on a commendable scale. The rapport which has been shared for the last few months assures that we people will not be fooled in deal.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Smith

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