Personal Loan Agreement Letter


Ryan Hose

Sun Down Apartments, apt no. 23, 2nd floor

90 Oxford High Street

New Brunswick, UK 2390

Dated: 4th of June 2012

Subject: Agreement letter for personal loan

Respected Mr. Hose,

This letter is in regards to the personal application sent to our bank on 23rd of May 2012 expressing your interest to secure a personal loan for an amount of 50000 pounds from our bank. I would like to bring to your notice that our bank has agreed to pass the loan and would like to enter into a personal loan agreement with you.

The agreement will be valid for a period of five years that is the term of the loan. You have to pay an annual interest of ten percent on the loan amount. The documents required to be submitted are last 3 months’ bank statements, address proof and salary certificate. After receiving the loan amount you have to pay us an equal monthly installment till the agreement end date. In case you are unable to pay the installment on time, you will be charged late payment fees.

I request you to sign the enclosed agreement and mail it to us.


Bruce Lee

Loan Manager

Yes Bank

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