Personal Invitation Letter


Ms. Ellen Smith

Holloway Road

London, N6 9DB


Mr. Howard Piot

Leman Street, Aldgate

London, E4 8EY

Dear Mr. Piot,

I am pleased to inform you that our son Mathew will turn six this December. To celebrate the occasion we have planned a small birthday party on December 5th. The party will be hosted at club near our residence at Holloway Road.  It is a theme based party and the theme we have picked is “The Pirates of the Carribean”.

We would be happy to see the party with your wife and children. We have also arranged for Door to door cab service for all our guests so that the guests can reach the venue on time without facing any problems.

We look forward to your presence in the party and spending some quality time together. We would also appreaciate if you could confirm your visit at the earliest possible as it would help us in arranging the cabs accordingly on time.


Ms. Smith

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