Personal Introduction Letter


Mr. Mathew Parker,

Local Community office,



Mr. Collins,



Dear Mr. Collins,

My name is Mathew Parker and I have been appointed as a worker in the local community office last week. I have been assigned the responsibility to look into the matters related to general health of the public as well as sought out the grievances of the people of the locality.

Sir as you are the most honorable and responsible citizen in the area. So, I seek your permission to visit the local social offices and establishments at regular intervals so that I can ensure that these offices work properly and also look after the public hygiene. In order to keep the program going and bring about a change in the society I would require you support.

I hope that you will duly accept my introduction keeping in mind the above context and I will receive your full support and attention to deliver my best for the benefit of the common people.


Mr. Parker

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