Personal Hardship Letter


Jack Kerry

87, Einstein Avenue, Northern London


Phone number -986574563


The General Manager

National Electricity Corporation

56, Central towers, London


Sub- Personal hardship letter

Respected sir

I want to inform that I have been working as superintendent engineer of your corporation for the past twenty years. I want inform you about the personal hardship that I have to bear for the last five years. As you know that my promotion of senior manager is due to me for the last ten years but till date it has not materialized. I have been working in the same pay scale for the last ten years.

Now although I am eligible for promotion I do not understand the reasons of not getting promoted .Since my take home pay is same as it was ten years back; I have suffer from severe financial hardships as my liabilities have increased because my children had grown up. High inflation has increased the prices of general commodities by almost 400 per cent. You can imagine the kind of personal hardship I am a subjected to.

I would request you that I being a loyal employee of your corporation to give me promotion as soon as possible; because now it is becoming highly unsustainable for me to survive in this situation.

Yours sincerely

Jack Kerry

16th June 2012

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