Permission Letter For School Principal


Jonathan Jones

Principal, Riverville Middle School

Riverville, Birmingham

October 8, 2012

Subject: Permission for half-day attendance

Dear Mr. Jones,

My son Matt Jennings is a student in your esteemed school and studies in class III, section A, roll number 32. Due to certain unforeseen circumstances, Matt will be able to attend school for only half the day and I request you to kindly grant him permission to leave school after lunch break today. Matt is very keen on studying and since the annual exams are soon coming up, he does not want to miss any classes. We do not want him to miss school entirely and as we need to be at the designated place only in the second half of the day, we thought it would be better if Matt gets to attend the morning classes at least. We know this is normally not allowed but we will really appreciate if you grant us permission to do that this time.

I will personally come to pick him up at noon at the school gate and I will also show my ID if necessary. If you have any further questions, you can call me at 8432944522 and I will verify the details.

Yours truly,

Don Jennings

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