Permission Letter for Industrial Visit


61-63 Gronant Road,

Prestatyn ,

LL19 9LU


Tech Industries Corp

Ledbury ,

Herefordshire ,


On behalf of the school management, I take this privilege to seek your permission about the proposed visit to your industrial complex.

There are a total number of 50 students who are in our school who wish to take a view about your industrial process and facilities.  The team will be accompanied by teachers and staff to guide the students to know about your industry.

Further it is also requested that your staff may also be made available to explain in detail about your processes.

You will agree that this will be a very good experience for students who can learn practically about the working of an industry and this will help students to develop in future career and job prospects.

We are sure that this will be a great opportunity for your industry to help young generation to learn about industrial sector wherein you are contributing in much worth to its credibility.


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