Permission Letter For A School Trip


Abby Jones

492 Green Meadows Apartments,


October 8, 2012

Subject: Permission for school trip

Dear Miss Jones,

The school is taking all the children of class IV to the Sea Life London Aquarium located in Greater London on October 27, 2012 and we ask your permission to let your child participate in the trip. Since it is a Saturday, they will not miss any classes and this will be rich educational and fun experience for them. The children will be taken in the school bus and they will be accompanied by me and two other teachers Mr. Daniel Jones and Miss Milly Matthews. All children must reach the school premises by 9.30 am and the bus will leave at 10 am sharp. Any student who fails to reach on time will not be allowed to go in the bus.

The trip should last about 1 hour and after the trip, all the children will be brought back to the school premises in the school bus by 12.30 pm. Parents will be informed by phone if there is any delay due to unforeseen circumstances. There is a fee of 10 pounds per child and the rest will be given by the school.

Yours truly,

Ana Richards

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