Perfect Hardship Letter


Brendon Jacobs

99, Berlin Street, Southern London


Phone no-789632541

Account no-57563124836


Adam Palls

Branch manager

National bank of London

56, Business Street, London


Sub- Perfect hardship letter

Respected sir

I want to inform you I have taken a personal loan from your back which need to be paid off in EMI’s in 20 years. I have successfully paid the EMI for the last six years without any break. But I am unable to pay the EMI for the last three months because of the financial hardship that I am going through. I have lost my job couple of months back as the company had gone bankrupt.

My car has been stolen in the past month. Recently a burglary took place a couple days back with the robber flying off with expensive ornaments of my wife and all the cash that I have saved till now. You can understand the kind of mental as well as the financial trauma I am passing through. Now I am searching for job by roaming day and night giving interviews in the different companies. Now I do not have enough cash to buy two times meal from the market.

I would request you grant me personal loan further which I will immediately pay back once I get my job.

Yours sincerely

Brendon Jacobs

16th June 2012



Hardship Letters

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