Pattern Recognition Letter


Lynn Thrasher,

Head of Education Board,

Public School Association

23 Aspen High Street

London 3423

United Kingdom

Subject: Letter for pattern recognition

Dear Miss. Thrasher,

This letter is to inform you that there has been a reduction in the average percentage achieved by the students in their board exams. This is a serious concern which I felt needs to be recognized.

If we compare the average marks percentage achieved by students in board exams three years back, we will see that there is a decline.  Even the pass percentage has reduced. I feel that this is mainly due to the increase in standard of education. The educational standard has become very difficult as a result there is lots of pressure on the student. I believe that the only solution to this problem is to set questions in the board examinations in such a manner so that they do not put too much pressure on the students.

The career of a student depends on his board results, so I hope that you will look forward to this concern.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Hunt

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