Paternity Leave Letter

Mr. Andrew Davies

Manor House Lane, Birmingham

West Midlands, B28 1PS

April 10, 2010

Mr. Baron Rothwell


PPP Company

Re: Application for Paternity Leave

Dear Mr. Rothwell,

I am hereby applying for Paternity Leave sometime in May as my wife is expected to deliver our baby starting the second week of May.  The exact date is not yet assured by my wife’s doctor but I will keep you posted should the exact date be confirmed.  I would like to avail my leave for two weeks right after my wife’s delivery.

My work is in order and I will already be finishing the major tasks assigned to me within the month.  I am working closely with other staff members and are regularly orienting them regarding the status of my work to make sure that work continues smoothly during my absence.  I will be submitting pertinent documents needed for my leave as the due date nears.

Thank you.  I hope my application be approved soon.


Andrew Davies

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