Pastor Appreciation Letter


Mr Jonathan,

D-12, Wilson Lane,



Father D’ Costa,

St Theresa Church,


Dear Father,

This letter has been drafted by me to submit my gratitude and appreciation for the kind support which you offered me when I was going through times of thorough despair. The bereavement of my child in the unfortunate accident had completely devastated me. I had once even considered of ending my own life. Then, you stepped in and showed me the brighter part of the horizon. Your teachings gave me the lost hope of my life and I wonder what would have happened of me, if I had not got your support that night.

I wish and pray for your health, so that you would be able to carry on your noble efforts and bring hope and self belief in lives of those individuals like me who have been hinging on the rope of despair. I would continue to appreciate your valuable teachings until time lasts. Thanking you for finding myself,

Yours obediently,

Mr Jonathan

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