Participant Appreciation Letter


Mr Broad,


New York talent hunt 2010,

New York


All participants,

New York talent hunt 2010,

New York

Dear participants,

I, Mr Broad, the organiser for the New York talent hunt 2010, wish to convey my appreciation for the efforts which you have put in your respective acts during this event. It is the endeavour from the participants which has always raised the bar of excellence in this event for every year. Even this year was as successful like the previous ones and this could never have been possible without the endeavour put in by you people.

I, on behalf of every person associated with this event; wish to express gratitude for the importance given by all of you towards this event. This has reflected in a better than desired way in the acts displayed by all of you. I wish and hope for the progress and prosperity of the event and all of you in the coming years. Wishing you and your talent all the very best for future,

Yours appreciatively,

Mr Broad

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