Parking Ticket Appeal Letter


James Mathew

# 4457 Collingwood Walk


Date: 26th Feb’ 2012

Subject: parking Ticket appeal letter


I am writing this letter in reference to the notice – RT66754 which was issued on 22nd Feb 2012 to the car registered with number PL768.

Sir, I parked my car in a reserved private residential area by mistake. There was one more parking area adjacent to that reserved parking, and since I was new to the place so I parked in wrong parking space.  Although I paid for the parking display ticket but was not aware that I have parked the car in a different parking space.

I was new to the place so I got confused. But when I came back, I saw the notice pasted on the window of my car to pay the penalty charge. Also there was no sign board indicating that it was a reserved parking space.

Hence I want to appeal for a waiver of the penalty charges and would really appreciate your kind gesture.


Shaun Clooney

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