Parking Fine Appeal Letter


Mr Stevenson,

E-2, Linking Plaza,

Lockhart Street,



The Parking in Charge Officer,

Road Traffic Authorities,


Dear sir/ madam,

This letter has been drafted by me to put forward an appeal to you for relaxing the fine imposed on me for improper parking. I would like to explain the situation. I had been wanted to reach out for a medical shop in urgency and hence I landed in front of Holster Medical in Broken Boulevard. The moment I returned after taking the necessary medicines I find out the officer imposing the heavy fine on the objection of improper parking.

As you may be aware of the fact that Broken Boulevard is a congested corner of the city and the place where I have been has valid parking only about 800 metres away on both the sides. I just required 5 five minutes and I have not broken any rule. Even the officer was helpless about the situation. I have complete faith in your decision and shall do as commanded.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Stevenson

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