Parents Permission Letter


22-24, Esplanade Avenue,

Porthcawl ,

Mid Glamorgan ,

CF36 3YU


Peter Parker

Beacon Road,

Crowborough ,

East Sussex ,


Dear Mom & Dad,

How are you ? I am fine here.

I am submitting this request letter to you to seek your permission to attend a conference that is being sponsored by my university. The conference is between the dates [from] [to].

The successful attending of this conference will prepare me to gain to good knowledge about my subject area and it will further explore many new areas of my career. I can surely be able to learn and  understand about job prospects and will surely give you good results.

Further after attending the conference I shall submit to you all the literature that is given to me which will give you an idea about the conference.

After successful completion of my education, I am planning to take up job immediately and after finding a job,  I will be meeting you with my job offer letter.

Kindly call me or mail me giving your approval.


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