Parental Leave Letter

Kristine Lee

New Site Subdivision


January 28, 2011


Mrs. Lornie Dy

Class Aviser,

HRPI Distict School,


Dear Mrs. Dy,

I am Krisine Lee, the mother of Ma. Kris Lee in the 1st level in grade school from your respective school.  My purpose of writing this is to address that she needs a leave for her medical treatment as advice by her doctor and it is an immediate recommendation that needs as soon as possible.  There is a certain sickness that her doctor recognizes and needs to be treated for within the week so that it will never pursue to a more dangerous sickness in the end.

I wish for your kind consideration of this matter in order to ease my worries on her on and off sickness this few days ago.  I wanted to rest assured that everything will be fine with her and she can fully do her responsibility as a student.

In this regard I request you to consider her absence as leave and oblige.  Thank you and regards.


Krisine Lee

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