Parent Authorization Letter


Mr Stevenson,

B-12, Wilson Drive,



Jack Stevenson,

Room 18,

Boston University Hostel,


Dear Jack,

I hope this letter finds to at the peak of your health. I was glad when you made me aware that you are planning to go on trekking tour along with your friends and university people. The Form for Parental Authorization which you have enclosed along with this letter has been filled in by me and signed, giving you permission to go for trekking. I have always believed that career, studies are just aspects of our lives and we should not compromise on other aspects of our lives.

However, I am feeling a bit concern for you since you have not been trekking of late. In fact, as per I can recall, we went trekking together when you were ten. Now, never push your limits beyond rationality. Always take care of yourself and people around you. Fun should never be a risk to health or life. Be safe, healthy and happy.

Yours caringly,


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