Ownership Termination Letter


Mr Jacob


Mrs Riddle,

B -36, King’s Square,


Dear Mrs Riddle,

I, Mr Jacob, am writing this letter to clear certain things regarding the deal which we have entered in on the 6 August. All the legal formalities regarding the transfer of the property from me to you, that is, the prior owner to the new owner has been accomplished in a comprehensive way. I, hereby, declare that the ownership of mine on the concerned property is completely terminated and there shall be no responsibility attached to the said property on my behalf.

The new owner, that is, you bear all the responsibility regarding the said property. The papers can be collected at any instant according to your convenience and I wish you all the best for new owner. Considering the formal approach which you have garnered while dealing with all the formalities regarding the concerned deal, I would like to thank you for the co-operative nature which you have rendered.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Jacob.

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