Organization Introduction Letter


Karl Mist

Director (Material Purchase Department)

UVC Steel Company Limited

45, Industrial Towers, Western London


25TH July 2012

Sub – Organization introduction letter.

Dear Mr. Karl

I am writing this letter to introduce my organization to you esteemed Company. The name of my company is JVC Coke Suppliers Limited which is located in western London and we are engaged in the business of supplying coke to the different steel firms of our country. Our company started its operation in the year 1999 and has now become a market leader in this segment with an annual turnover of over $10 billion dollars. Our company is recognized by the government and also with company standardization authority of our country. Currently we are producing over 20 million tomes of coke per annum with a workforce of about 20000 employees. I would like your behemoth steel corporation to be added in our client list.

Hope to have a long term business relationship with your company. You can contact our office during official working hours on our number 080-787-7979 in case you require any clarification regarding any matter from our side. I will eagerly wait for positive reply from your side.
Yours Sincerely

John Kennedy

Marketing Manager

JVC Coke Suppliers Limited

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