Order Verification Letter


William G. Pritchard

Managing Director

Sunshine Electronics

324, Sunset Boulevard, London


5th Sept 2012

Sub- Order Verification Letter

Dear Mr. William

I am writing this letter to verify the order placed by your company with us dated 2nd September 2012. You have placed an order for four hundred pieces of flood lights of varying illumination capacity. As per the records available with our department your order was received on 4th September 2012 .You order in under process and the entire consignment will be delivered by 25th September 2012.You are requested to confirm the order of one hundred units of flood lights of 50 watts rated capacity. We have also received an order of three hundred units of flood lights of 80 watts rated capacity from your organization. Please inform us if there is any change regarding the order verification.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a pre-edited corporate contact verification letter. Please complete the following document, follow the instructions and fax it to +91-80-6555300. You are also requested to please also include your order number and common name on the fax cover sheet.

Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

Yours Sincerely

Flynn Drover

Senior Vice President (Purchase Section)

SAK Flood Light Production Limited

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