Order Cancellation Letter


Mr Jolie,

Bullish Constructions Ltd,



Ms Pitt,

Excellent Construction Materials,


Dear Ms Pitt,

This is Mr Jolie, from Bullish Constructions Ltd, writing you to inform you that the order for the last consignment of construction materials which has been mentioned in the letter dated 15 August 2010 has to be cancelled. The construction requirements have been ceased because of the curbing of certain aspects of construction. Hence an according cancellation of the order for construction materials is proposed from our side.

Considering the fact that the delivery of the last consignment of construction materials was scheduled for ten days since now, the cancellation should not be hindered by any problems. I submit my apologies on behalf of Bullish Constructions Ltd at your disposal for first placing a bulk order for construction materials and then cancelling it altogether. We will make sure that such inconvenience is not caused any time in the future. Looking forward to have another successful venture in co-ordination with your firm,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Jolie

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