Official Holiday Letter


Daniel Brownlee,

Managing director,

Blackline Constructions,

B-3, Bakers Street,



Mr. Ross Jonathon,

General Manager,

Blackline Constructions,

B-3, Bakers Street,


Dear Mr. Jonathan,

This is to inform all the employees that there is an official holiday in the company on the 26th of March to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company’s foundation. All the employees are invited to attend the party to celebrate the event on march 25 with their families and the following day everyone would be entitled for the holiday.

The higher authorities of the company think that this is the best way to thank all our employees for their support through thick and thin and making our company what it is today. Without the hard work and dedication of all our employees the company would not have been able to sustain for twenty five years and achieve the top position in the field.

We request you to inform all the department heads about the holiday at the earliest after you receive the letter so that they can manage their work and schedules on time.


Mr. Brownlee

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