Office Recommendation Letter


Dr. William Benson

Manager HR

AEI Systems

19th York Street, Central London


10TH September 2012

Sub – Office recommendation letter.

Dear Mr. William

I am writing this to recommend Mr David Shaw to your organisation. He has been working as Senior Software Analyst with DSM InfoTech Solutions for the last seven years. He is a talented person and an expert in his field. He has completed his graduation from ASK Technical University.

He is a very good and popular employee of our company. He is honest and dedicated to his work. He helped the company by his valuable opinions and work. His keen knowledge in financial statistics helped the company to achieve the desired financial success. His idea about revenue and tax system is very clear. The unique knowledge and expertise not only helped the company but the other employees also. His presence in a group motivates the entire group. He is a very goal oriented person and always sticks to his objective He regularly conducts research so that the company may get maximum benefit. He is energetic, reliable and dynamic in character.  He is really a deserving candidate. We consider him as a valuable asset of our company.

Since he is moving to a different city due to his personal reasons he wish to move to a different organisation. Please let me know if you wish to have any other information about Mr David Shaw.

Yours Sincerely

M.H Abrahams

General Manager

DSM InfoTech Solutions

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