Office Employee Retirement Letter


Mrs Smithsonian,

Finance manager,

YBR company ltd


Mr Yardley,


YBR company ltd

Dear Mr Yardley,

I, Mrs Smithsonian, the manager of the finance department of the YBR company ltd, am writing this letter on behalf of the entire finance department of the YBR company ltd. This is to make you aware of the fact that the company acknowledges the efforts put in by you over the years and when the retirement of such an efficient and loyal employee of the company is round the corner, the only thing which the organization can offer is gratitude for the long services offered by you to the YBR company.

There has been an impeccable job performance from your side for all the tenure of your service and there has been no hint of any glitch in your service. The organization wishes you for a happy and prosperous life after the retirement, while it still struggles to fill the void created by your absence. Thanking you for your precious services,

Yours truly,

Mrs Smithsonian

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