Office Discipline Letter


Mr. Michael Thorpe

Customer Executive

AEI System Ltd

22, Waterloo Street, Central London


Sub: Warning for late attendance

Dear Mr. Michael

I am writing this letter to give you final warning for your regular late arrival to the office. After going through the records of the attendance register it has been observed by our department that you are late to office by thirty minutes every day for the last three months.

Your constant late arrival to the office hampers the overall work output per employee of the office. It sets very bad example for other employees and dampens the overall work spirit of our entire work force.

You are directed to give us a written reply in support for your constant late attendance to the office for the last three months. We would be forced to take strict disciplinary action against you if you cannot give a satisfactory explanation for your regular late attendance.

Hope that you will improve after this final warning and try your best to reach office on time. I will wait for the explanation letter from your side within fifteen days from the date of receipt of this letter.

Thanking You

Mr. Robin Williams

Sales Supervisor

AEI Systems Ltd

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