Office Apology Letter

Sales Manager

Webcom Business Services

20 Appleton Gate


Nottinghamshire NG24 1JR

September 5, 2011

Mr. Christopher Wallace

Star Bright Investment Group

75 Guildford Street


Surrey KT16 9AS

Dear Mr. Wallace,

I sincerely extend my apologies to you and your team for the incident that transpired in your office the

other day. It was very unfortunate that the request you have sent for the specification on the product

to be presented to you was not delivered to my office. As such, I came unprepared for the details I was

supposed to discuss with you thereby creating some misunderstanding.

I have studied all the details of your request and if you will oblige, I am requesting for another meeting

at your office at your most convenient time. I look forward to discussing with you all the details you

need for the project design our companies will be collaborating.

Again my apologies and hoping for your kind consideration.

Respectfully yours,

Mr. Frank Miller

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