Nursing Resignation Letter

May 10, 2010

Dr. Stephen Wilson


Newport Hospital

Essex, CB41 3QW

Dear Sir:

I have been happily working as a nurse at the emergency unit of this hospital for fifteen years.  However, I sadly inform you that I will be tendering my resignation effective a month from now.

I have long been seeking for additional education and training to advance my knowledge in the medical profession and the good opportunity to do so arrived this year.  I have been accepted through a scholarship program to study in a prestigious university in the United States of America, thus the need to resign from my position.

I have enclosed the medical records and other pertinent documents of patients I am attending to.  I can also gladly orient my replacement about the status of my patients if I am still available at your request.

Thank you.  I pray for your continued success.


Josephine Chapman


Nursing Education Requirements

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