Non Profit Tax Letter


Income Tax Department

HighCross Lane

Peter Square


Date: 12th June 2013

Subject:  Query on Tax Exemption

Dear Sir,

We are writing this letter to request you for clarification regarding our claims to tax exemption. We have been granted the status of a non-profit organization and we have attached the relevant documents proving the same along with this letter.

While our income falls in the slab of income tax amounts, we wish to apply for special status of non-profit organization and opt for tax exemption. We request you to respond at the earliest to our query since based on your answers we can tabulate our taxable amount.

We have read your rules and regulations regarding the tax status of non-profit organizations but there are certain grey areas which have left us confused. We thank you for kindly listening to our appeals, and we hope that this problem can be sorted at the earliest. In case of any doubts you can please contact us. You can contact us at the email id mentioned below, and we hope that you will respond to us at the earliest.

Thanking you,

With regards,


12 Holloway Road,

London N8 D93

Contact us at: 34645647,

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