Non Profit Solicitation Letter


Mr. Alistair Doyle

90/P Bridge Avenue


January 21, 2012

(Subject: solicitation with an objective of non profit venture)

Dear Sir,

We are obliged to bring this to your knowledge that our charity organization – Nature Institute for the Welfare of Orphans – plans for a musical program conducted and performed by orphan children of age group 8-16 years in Youth Centre on 15th February, evening 5PM – 7PM.

As our organization is non profit by all legalities and focuses on charity based work, we humbly request you to donate a sum of 1000 pounds for a successful run of the event as mentioned above.

Eminent socialites, artists, academicians will be among the invitees and we are expecting an audience with a strength of two hundred.

There will be press and media personals to cover the event.

We would be extremely grateful to you if you would consider our request at the earliest.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Paul Richards


Nature Institute for the Welfare of Orphans


Non Profit Education Requirements 

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