Newspaper Article Apology Letter


Mr Trelawney,


The Daily Prophet,



Mr Dumbledore

Dear Mr Dumbledore,

I, Mr Trelawney, the Editor of The Daily Prophet, am writing this letter to express my apologies on behalf of the entire editing team of The Daily Prophet for the faux pas of misprinting your name in the context where you never belonged. The article related to your latest venture was to be made and the same person was also doing this God forsaken article and by sheer humanly mistake, the names got swap and misprinted in The Daily Prophet dated 21 July, 2010. I am extremely sorry for this blunder. The next edition of The Daily Prophet shall include an apology from the entire editing team stating that the previous print has been a huge blunder.

I am hopeful that you will be forgiving us for the mistake which took place and we assure you that we shall be more vigilant and more responsible for our actions henceforth. Apologising,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Trelawney

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