News Article Complaint Letter


Mr Potter,

A-1, Bridgetown Valley lane,



Mr Crouch,

News editor,

Daily Times,


Dear Mr Crouch,

I, Mr Potter, am writing this letter to submit my grievances in front of you. The news article dated 14 May 2011 on the quality of fisheries which are provided to the people by my fishery firm is highly condemned by me. I did not expect such an amateurish act from a person who is seated at such a responsible post. I reckon there has not been any study on the quality of fisheries by your ‘sources’ that seemed to have disclosed something which does not exist.

I demand an explanation on what basis was the article written and published and even after doing so, no one from Daily Times seemed to be interested to voice the view of the person concerned. I am hoping to hear from you at the earliest and I am not willing to take this event to a further level. So, please make me hear something reasonable.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Potter

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