New Product Announcement Letter


Mr Kolinsky,

Head of Manufacturing department,

BKS Electronics,



Mr Colin,

Head of Marketing department,

BKS Electronics,


Dear Mr Colin,

I, Mr Kolinsky, head of the Manufacturing department for the BKS Electronics Ltd, am writing this letter to make an important announcement to you and your efficient staff. As discussed in the previous board meeting the consensus of introducing the new product has been implemented. The product has been brought into reality and the basic raw idea of it has been enclosed along with the letter. I, hereby, urge you to get started for your part of the project to create the market demand for the product by the efficient marketing techniques which you have always proved for the benefit of the company.

The blue print for the demand shall make us aware of the quantity and the amendment in the quality which is feasible for manufacturing. I shall be waiting for your immediate reply in this context. Hoping that the two department will result in best results for company as usual,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Kolinsky

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